I'm a writer, poet, and dreamer.

I write most passionately about lifestyle and literature, and am always looking for opportunities to create content that uplifts and motivates.

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Every book you start article
Gen Twenty

Why I Don't Feel Compelled to Finish Every Book I Start

Do we all need to commit fully to every book we start reading? Is it wrong to give up on a book? I say no....

Outdoors and unplugged article
Gen Twenty

Getting Outdoors and Unplugged This Summer

Getting Outdoors and Unplugged This Summer

Hannahgamble bookreview article
Gen Twenty

Book Review: Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast by Hannah Gamble - GenTwenty

I was first attracted to Hannah Gamble’s writing when I stumbled upon her poem “Growing a Bear” whilst perusing the Poetry Foundation’s  website. The poem is about an aging man......

Europe carry on article
Gen Twenty

How To Pack for Europe Using Only Carry On - GenTwenty

If you’re willing to value comfort over style, and need over want, you may be surprised by how simple it is to carry everything you need for an eight-day trip in the same amount of space you use to tote textbooks across campus....

5298664559 ec9bdfafee o article
Gen Twenty

GenTwenty - A twenty-something's guide to life

GenTwenty - A twenty-something's guide to life

10waystogivebacktoyourself article
Gen Twenty

10 Ways to give back to yourself each day - GenTwenty

Life is hectic. You have meetings to attend, projects to work on, dinner to prepare, clothes to launder… the list goes on. But even if you can’t completely escape from......

Summer passions article
Gen Twenty

GenTwenty - A twenty-something's guide to life

GenTwenty - A twenty-something's guide to life

9876276023 aa345fcaa3 z article
Gen Twenty

What Being Alone Taught Me About Happiness - GenTwenty

After years of suffering from debilitating loneliness, I finally came to the realization that the source of my unhappiness was internal. Being alone, and being lonely are not synonymous. By......

Postive thinking article
Gen Twenty

If You Can't Change Your Circumstances, Change Your Attitude - GenTwenty

There are days when I want nothing more than to stuff my backpack with essentials, buy a used car camper, and travel across the country from national park to national......

Market your english degree article
Gen Twenty

How to Market Your English Degree on Your Resume

Have an English degree? You have many valuable skills that are usually overlooked - here's how to market your english degree on your resume....

Revisiting your hs reading list article
Gen Twenty

Why You Should Revisit Your High School Reading List - GenTwenty

Our teachers told us we were studying some of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, but most of us hardly believed it. In fact, I’d fashion a guess that most of us probably didn’t quite finish all the reading we were supposed to....

Female 471152 1280 article
Gen Twenty

Why Focusing on Yourself Isn't Selfish

Us millennials are constantly berated for being self-obsessed, narcissistic, and vain. We take too many selfies, spend too much time on social media, and too much money on Starbucks. But......

Millennial baby boomer workplace article
Gen Twenty

How to Deal as a Millennial in the Baby Boomer's Workplace - GenTwenty

The different generations currently in the workforce value different things. As fresh blood in the office, we feel undervalued or misunderstood by our more experienced coworkers....

Productive things to do on your lunch break article
Gen Twenty

7 Productive Things to Do on Your Lunch Break

With hectic work schedules, it's easy to lose track of the time we call lunch. Use the time wisely with these productive things to do on your lunch break....

Mfa article
Gen Twenty

Why You Should Consider Waiting to Pursue Your MFA - GenTwenty

When I first graduated from college a year ago with my undergrad degree in creative writing, the last thing I wanted was to immediately jump into a master’s program. As......